Why continue as a Christian?

Brian Rosner, Principal of Ridley College writes:

“Why, then, am I still a Christian? In one sense it’s because I am kept by the power of God. Ultimately, my perseverance in a life of repentance, faith and stuttering obedience is due to the perseverance of God in saving me through the death, resurrection and

intercession of Jesus Christ.

But humanly speaking, God enables me to keep going as a Christian for two reasons: First, Christian faith rings true. My heart, like all human hearts,                             -seeks transcendence,

-is impressed by antiquity,

-searches for wisdom,

-yearns for justice,

-needs hope,

-loves beauty,

-senses its own darkness,

-is appalled by evil,

-is repulsed by death

-and aches for the reassurance of a satisfying story to make sense of our existence.

And the gospel speaks to all of these longings in the most profound and satisfying ways.

The other main reason I keep going is that Christian faith is true.

The Bible records history and I am convinced that it does so reliably.”