What Then Shall We Do?

In today’s Gospel, the author says that a ” Feeling of expectancy had grown among the people who were beginning to think that John might be ” the Christ “(v 4) but he told them otherwise : “I am not fit to undo the strap of His sandal” ( v16). There were many other things John said to encourage the people, as Luke tells us to announce “the Good News”

There is no shortage of talk in Christian circles about LOVING our God and neighbour, our brothers and sisters and being Good Samaritans ( Lk 10: 25-37). But the problem for some

is that Gods mandate can become a heavy burden .Some endeavor to minister because they know they ” ought to ”

Whereas Jesus asks that we reach out not in an attitude of ‘oughtness”, but in an “atmosphere of “spontaneity”. Jesus wants us to be free for others, to be there when we are needed because of who God is and who we are. Because God is LOVE we are made to be fulfilled in LOVE.