The battle for the Bible

On Wed. night at the God’s Big Picture Bible study, we were looking at Genesis 3 where Satan challenges God’s word to Eve and Adam. Portrayed as a snake, he distorted what God said, contradicted it and twisted God’s motives  (Gen.3:1-5).

He is still using the same tactics today to try to confuse and challenge God’s clear word to us in the Bible.

Here are some of his dangerous and wily methods. Beware!

keeping people ignorant of the Bibleby portraying it as merely an ancient human book that civilized people have outgrown. A discredited Bible that is never opened or heard won’t have much impact on anyone’s life. My advice is to pray for an open heart and read the Bible with an open mind and see if it rings true. Billions of people today believe it is God’s word. Start by reading Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.

some militant atheists and academics hate the Bible and by ridiculing it, make a name for themselves(and money from their books). Look carefully at these people’s motives, however popular they may be.

some self-styled “progressive” Christians refuse to obey God’s teachingin the Bible on sexuality, the sanctity of human life etc and so they cut out those parts of the Bible they reject (especially Paul’s writings) and end up with a cut and paste non-Bible edited according to their own preferences. How presumptuous!

rejecting the supernatural.Some people set their own experience as the final judge of truth. So if the Bible tells us Jesus rose from the dead, they reject that as ridiculous and impossible because it is outside their own experience. But God without supernatural power over his own creation and people is just a tame lap dog, not the all-powerful, one, true, living God of the Bible. Beware.

– Geoff Milton