Synod 2018

Attending the 52nd Anglican Synod was a very informative and rewarding experience. Synod 2018 commenced with a choral eucharist in the magnificent St Paul’s Cathedral on Wednesday evening at 7pm and concluded with final prayers at 5pm on Saturday, 20th October.  The business of Synod involved countless motions put, followed by questions asked, detailed discussions, and answers given before final votes were taken.  Some of the many issues covered were the Budget for 2019, Receiving of Reports, Financial Governance, Cathedral lands, Constitution Amendments, Anglican Aid Agencies, Gender Balance and Disability Inclusion in the Diocese and the National Re-dress Scheme.  Discharging the business of Anglican Synod is a serious and complex undertaking, all in the name of our Heavenly Father, as we strive to make the Word of God fully known. However, there were lighter moments too, when the Archbishop’s sense of humour brought welcome comic relief to the members in the house.  There was a well-worn path to the Barbara Darling Room which housed the Coffee Cart – excellent coffee – a true blessing indeed!                                                                                                 Carol Hughes,