So we celebrate the birthday of Jesus with all the festivities, music and decorations

as best we can. We do this because as Christians we believe that God dwelt so

uniquely in Him that He is truly the Son of God, Emmanuel-God with us. The bringer

of Peace,Hope and Goodwill to all- the One who came to save.

But today the world is caught up in chaos. We solve one problem only to slide into

another. And when our optimistic hopes for betterment become tarnished with

disappointment, disillusionment can kick in. And so it is easy to stop believing in

anyone or anything any more. And if hopefulness gets a hold, helplessness is not

far behind.

What so many desperately need is hope hope from helplessness,hope from hopelessness, rescue by means of the lifeline of faith, faith in the Son proclaimed at Christmas, Emmanuel who came into the world for the salvation of all.

And how did He come? The Gospels tell of Him coming in poverty,in humility, with the threat of destruction hanging over His head. Of being pushed around by scheming powers, a refugee on the road. The Lord of all among the little people, not unlike the shepherds in the fields, keeping watch over their flocks by night.

But He wasn’t one of the little people. He had a major work to do at Golgotha ‘for us and our salvation’. He was born to do it. This is the story of Christmas! This is what all the accounts about Him proclaim. God is with us.

So let us sing with joy, enthusiasm and understanding.Let our voices express what we believe in our hearts- faith in the Christ-child, for it is by this that we truly experience life in all it’s fullness. THIS IS THE MIRACLE OF JESUS!