First Reading


Our first reading isIsaiah’s vision of the Lord and his prophetic commission.The earthly temple becomes an icon for the temple in heaven. Isaiah is purged of his guilt and sin and responds to the Lord’s call. The church hears in the thrice-holy song of the seraphim an anticipation of its praise of God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.



A hymn of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord on high, who has saved God’s servant and cares for the lowly.

Second Reading

1 Corinthians15:1–11

Paul reminds the Corinthians of his basic proclamation concerning the Lord’s resurrection.All these things happened according to the scriptures. Beginning with a manifestation to Cephas, Paul recounts six appearances of the risen Lord to his followers. The last, which must have taken place several years after the others, gave this former persecutor of the church his commission as an apostle.



Our gospel is the story of the calling of Simon Peter, together with the brothers James and John, to be disciples of Jesus.This happens by the Lake of Gennesaret or Galilee. Jesus amazes Peter by showing him where he can catch a great haul of fish. Peter pours out his feelings of unworthiness, but from now on, Jesus tells him, he will be catching people.[1]

[1]Frederick Borsch and George Woodward, Introducing the Lessons of the Church Year, Third Edition (New York; Harrisburg, PA; Denver: Morehouse Publishing, 2009), 67.