Introducing the Lessons

First Reading: Joshua5:9–12

The book of Joshua tells the story of the conquest and settlement of Canaan by the Israelite tribes under the leadership of Joshua. The first Passover in Canaan is celebrated.

Psalm: Psalm32

A thanksgiving for the forgiveness of sin.

Second Reading: 2 Corinthians5:16–21

Paul and the church in Corinth had periods of difficult relations, and Paul felt the need to defend his apostolic authority. When relations improved, Paul wrote his second letter expressing his joy.

Gospel: Luke15: 11–32

Our gospel is the parable of the prodigal son, his elder brother, and their loving father.Hearers are meant to participate in the story by experiencing how it feels to be these individuals. One notices that the wastrel son thinks his father will only take him back if he promises to work hard and form a legalistic relationship with him. But what is the father to do when he sees his long-lost son coming down the road? How is the elder son to react to his brother’s joyous welcome? The parable closes by leaving that last question to us.[1]

[1]Frederick Borsch and George Woodward, Introducing the Lessons of the Church Year, Third Edition (New York; Harrisburg, PA; Denver: Morehouse Publishing, 2009), 93.