40th Anniversary

On August 24th we came together in a Café Church style celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Eucharistic worship at Holy Name. Our Arch- bishop of the Melbourne Diocese (and Primate of Australia) Archbishop Freier and his wife joined us as did many ex parishioners and vicars from previous years.

The current parishioners, old and new, enjoyed meeting with the many ex parishioners who had moved on to other parishes and hearing their stories of the struggles of the early years and the joy they derived in developing the new parish of the Holy Name of Jesus. The older parishioners delighted in renewing friendships and remembering those early days.

The extensive lunch, which followed the service, was varied enough to cater for all tastes and no one would have gone home hungry. Just one of the “small world” stories of the day involved Norm telling Joy Freier that he and Jill were about to go back to Brisbane to visit his aunt for her 90th birthday celebrations. In the following discussions (as Joy also came from Brisbane) it transpires that Norm’s Aunt and Joy’s mother are friends who sit next to each other at their local church each Sunday.

In his address, Archbishop Freier called on us to make the Gospel fully known to our local community. Holy Name’s mission for the next 40 years has been outlined for us.

Archbishop Freier, priests and vicar taken after the service.


A wonderful cake for everyone to share.


Ballons flying everywhere.