What does a healthy Christian life look like?

Is it all reflection and introspection, or all activity and good works?

Is it Mary or Martha, to use the often misquoted example of the two sisters, friends of Jesus?


Last week’s gospel passage (Mark 1:9-15) suggests another alternative.

After Jesus receives the affirmation of his identity via his baptism (you are my child, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased), and before he begins his active ministry of healing and teaching, he is driven by the Spirit into the wilderness for a time of struggle.  Is this the better model? I think it is.


All healthy life should consist of times (seasons) of resting in our identity, struggling with life and its challenges, and working in whatever capacity we are able.  The struggle is often

“how do I do the things that I want and need to do in a way that is consistent with who I really am as a child of God?”

Of course, spending too long in any of these three ‘seasons’ can become unhealthy.  Times of resting in our being can become mere introspection; unproductive struggle can become floundering; all doing becomes anxious activism.  Pray that God will help you to find a healthy balance of resting, struggling and doing.