Grapevine Nov 2017 – Jan 2018

Once again, thanks to all those who supplied articles for this edition of Grapevine –  your parish  magazine.  Some contributions didn’t get published because there just wasn’t room or they were “fillers” and too long. We need contributions to make Grapevine relevant and worthwhile. Keep the articles flowing for the next edition. Give it a go and I will help if you  ask but, if possible, please keep your item to one A4 page (about 1000 words) or less and fillers to one or two lines.

Items on your holidays, poems, hobbies, etc. are great and especially your views on current or past parish events (such as social functions and bible studies) in which you have participated. There are no film or book reviews in this edition. What about some from you for next time? Variety makes Grapevine more interesting. – Norm.

You can view or download this copy of Grapevine here.