Grapevine – May 2017


Firstly, my apologies as this edition of Grapevine is a little bit late but even retirees have to have a break from their arduous everyday activities (more of that in a later article).

Thank you to all those who have commented to me that they find Grapevine interesting. As Editor, I am happy with just about any story/ article about the contributor’s travels, family, hobby etc. Keep them coming.

Remember, if you find it interesting there are many others in the parish who will also appreciate it. So share it in Grapevine. It makes producing Grapevine just so much easier.

Finally, we wish Clive & Glenda all the best and a wonderful time as they embark on an overseas sojourn during their well-earned break on Long Service Leave. Of course we expect to hear all about it in Grapevine when they return.

You can view or download the current copy of Grapevine here.