Grapevine Feb – Apr 2018


Welcome to this New Year edition of Grapevine as we lead up to Lent and Easter. Thank you to all our contributors. It is always great to receive contributions about our church family. After all, that is the purpose of Grapevine.

This will be the last Grapevine with Clive as our vicar. He, together with Glenda, have been all that we could hope for in their roles as they have shepherded us as a caring , loving parish with a vision into the future in Vermont South. We wish him and Glenda all the best in his retirement.

As we approach Lent, remember Glenda’s Facebook post from a couple of years ago:

“Look back with forgiveness, Look forward with hope

Look outwards with compassion, Look up with gratitude.”

Our next issue will be just after Anzac Day and covers Pentecost. Take the time and share any special memories with the parish family.

You can view or download this copy of Grapevine here.