Grapevine – Aug to Oct 2018

Welcome to this edition of Grapevine. Well, winter is with us and the Holy Namers are travelling and reporting on their adventures—great! Those that were left behind have been out and about doing things in the community and at Holy Name. It’s wonderful to hear about the fun and camaraderie experienced with our fellow parishioners and friends.

Thank you to all our contributors. This time there were too many contributions. This is not a criticism—far from it. However, some articles had to be held over until next time to provide the good news from the Incumbancy Committee and from our newly appointed vicar. Please keep the items coming.

Remember if something interests you, then others will be interested as well. Put it in writing and forward it to me. No computer? Don’t worry. Just write it out and give it to me and I will do the rest but please keep the articles to two A5 pages or less.

You can view or download this copy of Grapevine here.