The Good Old Days

When times get tough we tend to do two things –

One – Idealise the past and

Two – Blame leadership in the present

This exactly what is represented in the Old Testament reading last Sunday.  When the escaping Hebrew slaves realised the difficulty of the task before them they started to remember slavery in Egypt through rose coloured glasses, and they turned on Aaron and Moses their leaders, blaming them for leading them into the wilderness to die of hunger and thirst. Embedded in the story is a classic piece of spiritual teaching with profound implications for us even today – the Hebrews are instructed to “Gather enough for that day.”  Even in the scarcity of the desert they are encouraged to live in the abundance of God’s provision.

In his own way, Jesus appropriates this principle as he tells the story of the workers in the vineyard.  God’s economics are not the economics of the world.  Jesus sees God treating people according to their need, not according to their deserts.