Geoff on retreat

Where?For 4 days last week I went on a Ministry Renewal Retreat with 7 other fellows, Anglican, Baptist and Uniting, at a conference centre in Upper Plenty, past Whittlesea. It was a beautiful place to enjoy God’s creation including the eucalypt forest and abundant bird life – good for the soul !

Why?This particular type of retreat aims to sustain and renew people in Christian ministry, to help us to love and serve Christ and his church, and our families, over the long haul. This approach developed in the 1980’s in response to the high dropout rate among Christian ministers.

What?We read and discussed the Bible together, worshipped God and prayed together. Significantly, each of us shared our life stories in detail. This was a unique opportunity for us to be thoroughly listened to about life and faith in a confidential setting. We also had time for personal Bible reading and prayer.

We also shared our meals together and went on some great walks, learnt some new songs and shared Christian resources we have found useful. It was, as intended, a spiritually sustaining and renewing experience to help keep me going as a Christian minister for the long haul.

-Geoff Milton