I know Jesus through saving faith. But how, as a disciple, a child of God, how do I continue to get to know him? The same saving faith walks, trusts, weeps, sings, prays, questions, praises, asks, laughs, sins. “More than just the ticket, it’s the ride”, I once sang.

Friendship is untidy. It flips and it flops, it says sorry, endures sickness, sadness, monotony, melodrama. It shares secrets, contends with mistakes, misunderstands, eats and walks and listens. Friendship takes together time, the slow and steady path to appreciate and celebrate one another.

We mustn’t simply play the “Jesus is my best friend” card. He’s infinitely more.  Jesus is Lamb, Lord, Saviour, King—Only Begotten Son of God.

Because my Jesus is Grace Winner and Friend of Sinners. There’s no fight between the Functional and the Personal. One Jesus, perfectly God, sharing my humanity.

When I fix my eyes on Jesus, I see the Son of Man, the Ransom. I encounter the power of his blood to wash me white as snow, break the power of sin and death, reconcile me to God, seal me with his Holy Spirit, assure me of eternal life with him.

When I fix my eyes on Jesus, I see tears at the grave of Lazarus, an outrageous self-invitation to Zacchaeus’ house, a stubborn knock at the door of the damned because he is pleased to eat with the wayward and outcast, I see a lover of men, a friend above all friends, a wedding guest, kids climbing all over him.

By Word-centred faith, in the power of the Spirit, to the glory of the astounding God of grace, may we fix our eyes on Jesus. In every way possible, he truly is our Greatest Friend.

…I will come in and eat with him and he with me. (Revelation 3:20)

(Colin Buchanan – Gospel Coalition Aust.)


With Stewart and family, we continue to mourn the loss of Marion Boundy, who died recently in a car accident. She was precious to many and a valued member of Holy Name Church over many years. Thanks to all those who helped with the funeral here on Friday. Please continue to pray for Stewart and their children, grandchildren and friends, for God’s help in their grief.