First Sunday after Christmas

On this Sunday after Christmas, with students home from holiday’s, it is natural for parent’s to talk with them about the future. What does lie ahead for them, and what will it take for them to find their way as believer’s in an increasingly complex and challenging culture? Some would hold that a common answer would major on matters like: — Daring, Imagination, Drive, Determination, Shrewdness, Ambition.


Surely most employer’s would nod their head’s in approval some are good trait’s, BUT any of them can so easily become a curse instead of a virtue as all of them lend so easily to becoming self-centred. In and of themselves these trait’s need something to guide and fulfil them with deeper meaning.


St Paul in his great letter of “Rules for holy living ” ( Col 3: 12-17) spells out characteristics which are by nature foreign to most : compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience and over all those virtues put on love which binds together in perfect harmony.

This timeless message offers, of course, an example not only to the young facing their future but also to all of us as to how we should conduct ourselves if we would be rich to our Lord. (Lidkong)