Exploring Prayer

It is useful to have a pattern for our prayers – not to follow slavishly but to keep us focussed. Here is one pattern I have found helpful using the acronym ACTOY:

A- Awesome. Praise God that he is awesome – seen in his wonderful creation, his power over all things and people and his awesome love in Jesus his Son.

C- Confess. Confess your sins to God and seek his forgiveness through Jesus.

T- Thanks. Thank God for the ordinary things of daily life we take for granted and the special things God gives us.

O- Others. Pray for God’s help and closeness for those who are sick or distressed or for God to soften their hearts if they are resisting him.

Y – Yourself. Pray for God’s help in your fears or frailty or difficulties and for God’s Spirit to change you to be more like Christ.

(LISTEN). Open your spirit to what God may be saying to you.