Exploring Jonah 2


In Jonah 2, Jonah the reluctant prophet prays to God from the belly of the big fish which God has provided as his miraculous means of rescue.

Jonah has not resolved all his problems with God’s command to go to the people of Nineveh, the violent and cruel enemies of Israel, in order to warn them of God’s coming judgement on them unless they repent.

But Jonah realises his plight and CRIES OUT to God in his distress,

GOD ANSWERS his cry and rescues him and Jonah THANKS God and acknowledges and praises God as his saviour (v9).

This is a great example of authentic faith in God forged in the distress of everyday life.

Notice how Jonah gives thanks to God despite the uncertainty of his rescue (he’s still inside the fish), despite knowing that he did not deserve rescue, despite the deep discomfort of this unlikely haven and despite his unresolved issues with God’s intended mercy on the hated Ninevites. Not a bad model for us to follow today!