Exploring BAPTISM

Exploring BAPTISM

Today we rejoice together that Ethan is being baptised, making his own promises to follow Jesus. That’s a great thing to do Ethan!

In Christian baptism there are a number of symbols that help explain what is happening.

WATER. Being sprinkled with water is a sign of spiritual cleansing from sin for all who turn away from sin and turn to Jesus in faith to forgive them.

In churches that practise full immersion baptism, the symbolism is clear of the old self dying (going under the water) and being given new life in Christ (coming up out of the water).

LIGHT. The baptismal candle reminds all baptised believers to be God’s light in a spiritually dark world.

SIGN OF THE CROSS on the forehead is a reminder to candidates that they are marked as Christ’s own forever, and members of his church.