Christmas Address

In his Christmas address the vicar quoted from a Christmas address by the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. Below is the quote in full.


“Relationship is the new thing at Christmas, the new possibility of being related to God as Jesus was and is.  But there’s a catch.  To come into this glorious future is to learn how to be dependent on God.


Yet that word tends to have a chilly feel for us.  We speak of ‘dependent’ people with pity and concern.  We think of dependency as something passive, and less than free.


Part of our human problem is that we mix up entirely appropriate and life-giving dependency with the passivity that can enslave us.  In seeking to avoid passivity we can get trapped in the fantasy that we don’t need to receive and learn.”


“St John’s gospel unashamedly portrays Jesus as full of radiant, creative, overflowing life and intelligence.  And he is all these things because he is dependent, receiving his life from the Father.  Our task is to be unashamedly dependent – open to receiving all God has to give and to teach.  This is a dependency that is creative, and aligned with God’s eternal love flowing through us.”