Bon Voyage, Clive and Glenda

We wish Clive and Glenda a safe journey …


and we sing the following song to add atmosphere to this occasion, music and lyric – Stewart  …

Clive the Happy Cyclist

Clive loves to cycle on his bike; more fit and fast he gets

And as he goes, the joy he feels, of freedom in his head


Cycle near. cycle far, cycle near, cycle fa-a-a-a-a-ar

Cycle near. Cycle far, his knapsack on his back.

Verse 2

When cycling up the Dandenongs, the cars zoom past closely,

Their puzzled looks as they pass by, ask “Who’s that geek we see?”

Verse 3

His lycra tights are snug and neat, he’s dressed a –ppro –pri –ate -ly

He keeps those pedals turning fast, to pump that blood quick -ly

Verse 4

He safety audits all his bikes, with current P.P.E. [personal protective equipment]

The tool kit’s carried close at hand, ensuring  sa-afe -ty.

Verse 5

High over- head the magpie flies to take a planned attack

His spikey hat  protects his head. It works and that’s a fact

Verse 6

You cannot have too many bikes, they make your life complete

He tinkers with those brakes and gears, to keep them clean and neat.

Verse 7

His Glenda used to ride with him,  and so did all his mates

He dreams he’s  in the Tour de France , he hates to use those brakes.

Verse 8

Oh , may he go on riding bikes until the day he dies

Go speeding through that clean fresh air, beneath God’s clear blue skies